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Moving in a few days, still packing my house, still a lot of stuff to pack.

I just found some old art from school, that was before I got really into art, I was a gamer, so art means nothing to me. I looked at it and felt: "Man, I suck. I did not try at all." Theres a lot of water color stuff in that pile, so I doubt I can do much better now since I havent been doing water color. But I can definitely say that I can do better right now.

Looking at this, I think environments can really change a person. If I didn't went overseas to study, I wont have friends that introduce me to digital art, I would still be a gamer I believe. Now I want to dedicate more time into the artsy stuff. I believe I would have a lot more time after I move.
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January 28, 2013


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